the illnesses of those who promote health

from Jamilya Imankulova
The only beauty I know is health
Heinrich Heine

Dear friends,

I gave a good thought to whether write about "illness" of my body or not. And answering your questions of "what happened?": I was "blocked" and I stopped moving in all 4 dimensions.

Finally I decided to share. First of all for you to use my experience of going through the "physical misunderstand", to share your own discoveries and to appreciate those who were next to you.

I, same as those who were next to me those days, was confident that it could not happen to me. And it turned out I wasway too confident. And after a visit to osteopath who gave me a food for thought talking about psychosomatic developments, I began reflecting.

Moreover, I drew a parallel that, health is also a goal, or even a habit, same as any other one in your life (that you work or do not work on). And applicable laws here will be the same.

As an example: if you are an entrepreneur and aim for success, than you make or aim to make a success and all related actions your lifestyle. You define time for self-development and for business development, read books, learn, create an environment, develop habits – in general, develop skills, knowledge and grow in the direction of your interest.
The same algorithm applies to the questions of own health and wellbeing.

I share my own insights:
1. All those who are mindful (read: purposefully direct their attention) about themselves, their body/mind may also fall sick. Even if you 100 times use the healthy food, do sports more often and more intensive than 90% of people around you, still you may slip, twist your ancle or your old diseases may come up when you do not expect it.
What I mean is that on the way to the achievement of your goals there might be the force-majeure and nobody can get a guarantee it won't happen. And it means that the way to the goal is not always an easy one, and you should be ready for that.
Moving forward you open up yourself layer by layer as an onion but the goal is always and endlessly hidden behind the next horizon.
There is no limit to perfection and there will always be that STATE that you strive to achieve always, through falling down and getting up again and again. The main lesson here is not to give up, keep moving, adapt own "way of health" to the realities of own life and enjoy the way without dedicating entire life to the goal.
Every new goal is always more challenging than the previous one! And it always is about your continuous growth and development, joy from the process but not about the goal itself! Your physical wellness is not an exception.
Goal is only a tool to achieve that state that we aim for! Among feelings that I aim for are: Energy, Freedom to move, Strength, Flexibility and Endurance.

2. Introducing any new practices or habits in your life be attentive to yourself, trust your feelings: listen to your body and emotions more often. They know for sure what you need.
Introduce all new slowly and mindfully, carefully, with understanding of own resources and with acceptance of possible limitations. But always with full trust in excellent result. Everything that changes always goes through pain: mental, emotional, physical.
If you put a parallel with any goal setting process, remember that you should choose those steps to achieveyour goals that meet your individual expectations. There are many of them and you can always find those that fit you well and are good for you.
If somebody likes kundalini yoga, it doesn't mean that it will suit you. Maybe you are about swimming or walking.

3. The body is wise, and if it asks you to slow down for a while and you don't hear it, it will slow you down. All ourstates are about integrity, interrelations and connection. Life, и, если оно просит тебя замедлиться на время, и ты этого не слышишь, оно тебя обязательно «замедлит». Все наши состояния всегда про целостность, взаимозависимость и связь. Life activity of our body (same as all aspects of our life) is harmonized (homeostasis), and if something breaks down, the function of compensation switches on.
Each time setting your goal check if it correlates with your integrity and needs.

4. All that appears on a physical level first appears in our mind.
We all know about psychosomatic appearances and know that if we "planted" something in our mind it will come up on a physical level, and this fact is an axiom. Clamps in consciousness, unacceptance, non-flexibility, fears, anger – all of it will appear on a physical level as illnesses if you don't work on it.
If this axiom could be transferred to the goal setting, it would be about positive vision and focus. First picture, then actions.

And, of course, I would like to thank everyone who was next to me, showed their empathy and care without unnecessarywords and questions.

with love, JI

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