about children
by Jamilya Imankulova
Time passes by and you understand that many things in your life turn upside down...

Your children grow up, and you understand that they have their own vision of life (though you may so clearly see yourself in them minus many years and with the correction to the current times).

Your adult children (for you they will always be children, no matter how you try to respect their adultness) have their own judgements, their Life in the end of the day, which is full, free of your bats in the belfry but with the same challenges, same mistakes and doubts you want to protect them from, warn them... but you understand that they need to go through this on their own... Besides my / our children will not allow to interfere in their Lives.

We brought them up as too independent, sensitive and with strong personal opinion. Is it good? Life will show...

And so far I think: "well, if I only could get to their mind and say: "darling, this is all mere nothing, it is not worth your worries", or "this is so cool what you think and do; you are so cool and I am so proud...""

But no, it's not possible. They will have their way... and one day looking back they will understand and accept everything. They will accept their uniqueness, their value, their adequacy, their power...

I just hope that it will happen earlier than it happened with me, and I believe that they will definitely find Themselves and Their Way ❤️
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