how to support immune system and live through pandemic
by Jamilya Imankulova
There is not a single person who is free from pandemic fears. Everybody is affected by the stream of information and actions.
But everybody lives through this period their own way.
Somebody discusses not so positive news over and over again, posts in social networks, shares with friends, ... gets frustrated and scared.
Somebody is sitting in front of TV or computer, reading, listening and ... again getting scared and eating their fears with sweets.
And somebody is buying all goods available at supermarket and cannot stop.

And everywhere is fear...

There's too much that's out of our control. For the things we cannot control we can choose our reaction, and start controlling what we can. And that is our behaviour and choice!
And then our main question is: do we choose health and energy? Emotional balance and peace of mind? Or panic, fear, and...?
We all understand that panic and fear are no less dangerous than the virus itself. Not only they bring to the imbalance at the level of body and spirit but they are also very contagious!

I share my experience in a hope that it could help to be a little less frustrated, more energised and live through epidemic in health, integrity and with dignity.

What should we pay attention to in the first turn:

Food was never more important! This is the base of our wellness, high energy and strong immune system - read health. Right now we need vitamins, minerals, omega 3, fibre vitamins in bigger quantities.
- choose all rainbow Colors: vegetables, dark berries, functional products (ginger, turmeric, ginger, onion, fermented and bifilar lactose). In general all products that work well with inflammation;
- it is important that your food was as easy to digest as possible, so that your body had enough strength to fight the invaders, just in case;
- more spices to support digestion;
- exclude: processed and refined, big amount of groats and sugar, less Omega 6, chocolate, candies, cookies and so on.

Quality Sleep. Compulsory! No news before sleep, well ventilated rooms, relaxing music, aroma oils and ritual of gratitude for all we have.

Positive Thinking. Breathing practices, fresh air walks, yoga will help.
Breathe deeply and selflessly. Breathing is a great tool for stress management.
And if you think positively, you may support not only yourself but also project the energy of faith and love and help your loved ones.

Physical Activities - great support for your body, your detoxication and drainage of all unnecessary through the lymph, better blood circulation and, of course, energy to "fight".
But main thing here is that activity should be medium to keep enough strength in the body to rehabilitate.

Drinking Regime. Let drinking of pure water, herbal infusions, berry compotes become your new and cool habit.

Main thing now is to switch on your "sober" head and think what you could do now to safeguard yourself, your close ones and other people around you.

I mentioned that fear is more dangerous than virus. Yes, it is dangerous if you "emerge" in it and gave it control over the situation. Nobody cancelled the fear as emotion, and if this is your natural reaction, live this emotion. And once you lived it through, move on to the research of possible ways out and behaviour in this situation. Ask yourself:
- What can I do in this situation?
- Am I scared? And how can fear help me now?
- What to do next?
- What can I change into positive?
- What can I influence?⠀

As an integrator I believe in integrity and interconnectedness. That is why I am talking about 5 basic pillars of optimal health. And today they are valid as never:
- food,
- quality sleep,
- physical activity,
- positive thinking,
- drinking regime,
there are «boosters» and rituals that can help.⠀

Vitamin С. It is always necessary during the virus season! It is in berries, fresh vegetables, wild rose, barberry, citruses. Drink berry compotes, brew teas and drinks.

Vitamin D. It always goes as a supplement vitamin and is critical for those who doesn't spend much time outside and for the age of 40+.
It would be good if everyone knows their level of vitamin D, if it is low or normal. Add it to the list and keep at optimal level.

Vitamin А. It is magical in the fight with the infections. It is available in carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, bell pepper, sage, curry, Halloumi cheese, egg yolk, butter, cod liver. Retinol and Carotenoid participate in oxidising and revitalising processes and help to cure the mucous membranes.

Zinc - my favourite one. Assists in production of antibodies and leukocytes in blood, it's a great support of immune system. It also helps to absorb vitamin A. Zinc deficiency brings to the fail of immune system. It is always on my list during the season of cold and infections.
Sources of Zinc: seafood, animal proteins, wheat sprouts, spinach, seeds and nuts, vegetables and beans, avocado, berries, dates, pomegranate.

Selenium - I like it and drink as a course. It counters free radicals, great antioxidant, is good at fight with bacterias and viruses, maintains optimal state of immune system and, unfortunately many people lack it.
Sources of Selenium: Brazil nuts, seafood, beef, eggs, champignons, whole grains: brown rice, barley, quinoa, seeds.

Prebiotic – feeding useful flora, and probiotic – restoring the flora of gastrointestinal tract. Probiotic are transistor, but I am sure, they will be useful during this period. Remember that flora of our intestines is a "storage" of our immune system.

Our Rituals:
- wash hands for 20 seconds (it helps to sing "happy birthday to you", thanks to my friend for a hint, or sing an alphabet in Russian or English - that is the recipe of our junior); and
- going outside apply some vaseline or baby cream in your nostrils, and coming back wash your nostrils with warm water;
- yogis have a great practice of washing nostrils with salty water and oiling them (same as described above but with the cold pressed oils).

Well, now I think we are ready and not afraid of anything! Be healthy and take care.
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