how to charge your day and why "hour of power" is a morning hour?

from Jamilya Imankulova
Your Best Life Begins Each Morning
– Joel Osteen

Do you want to know what makes people wake up early morning? What is that miracle of morning hours?
I suggest to find out through my experiential and theoretical experience and make own conscious choice.

My 3 main reasons to wake up early morning:

1. I believe that "the way you start the day, same way it continues".
Morning is a day in miniature. Every our Day is formed out of minutes and hours. And first morning hours are the most important in terms of resourcefulness.
During these hours we do the most important and significant work, the one that develops us and makes us the best version of self: our mental, physical health, fit body, clear mind, volume of energy to achieve our goals... what else is important for you?
These are the hours when we are the strongest and in our best mental and physical shape ready to grow and achieve!

2. Morning is not only about our Day, morning is a vector of entire our beautiful Life.
Same as each day starts with morning and its first hours, our Life is formed out of days and months. And if my morning started with positive emotions, energy and sun in my soul, no doubts that my entire day will be the same, and entire week, and entire Life!
And if you are charged with everything beautiful in the morning to carry these emotions throughout the day, then the Life formed out of days will also be beautiful..

3. Morning is about silence and time for Myself!
All morning rituals and habits that "fine tune" the day are very important for today and for great tomorrow. They are about wins over own laziness, they are about friendship with your will power, about love and care for yourself, about success and achievements!
It is so important that nobody and nothing disturbed your work over the best version of self. Morning, before the world wakes up, is the most valuable and efficient. To wake up early, do many things for yourself and own development, charge with energy of supreme and own power and start one more best day of your life - what could be better?

So what can you do early morning, those who "are not yet there" would ask.
There are plenty of reasons to wake up early! I am sharing my most important morning practices or rituals. It is enough to start regularly doing at least one of them to make your life shine brighter! All is based on own experience. Here they are, and you can go ahead and add them to your habits!

1. Deep breathing
Deep breathing is not only a guarantee of long life but also a good mood and better "face for the world" during the day!
There are hundred thousand reasons to start your day with the practice of deep breathing, and here are some:
- reduction of anxiety
- harmonisation of nervous and heart systems
- source of energy
- focus and balance
- positive mood for the day
- work of lymphatic system, and therefore elimination of toxins

and many other useful reasons. I do not start my day without meditation and deep breathing.

2. Warm water with lemon. Why?
- Vitamin С, complex of vitamin В, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium
- arlkalinization of the body
- helps to wake up, starts digestive system and helps to get rid of night toxins effectively
- good tool of weight management
- reduces wrinkles and rashes, refreshes skin color and makes it shine
- good source of energy
- reduces anxiety – ethereal oils of lemon calm down our nervous system

3. Miracle of the morning
Since our family has read «The miracle morning» by Hal Elrod, we included "morning pages" and compulsory book reading in our daily mornings.

I will be right if I say that everyone dreams of the best version of own life that will happen one day. It will be different for everyone but it will definitely better than today, right?

Someone is dreaming of tomorrow in glory and wealth, someone - about growth of income and increase in sales, someone - about personal and professional growth, someone - about romantic relationship. Someone is aiming to increase own efficiency, be more energetic, healthy, free, sexy... you can supplement the list.

And it turned out that each of us has this great chance and even special time - morning hours of our TODAY - for own "upgrade", growth and development.

While your brain is clean from daily routine, far from all unnecessary and restored thanks to sleeping, ready to accept and assimilate information and new knowledge, it should be filled! Filled not with what outside world gives (as it is very unpredictable), but filled with what you want to achieve and receive from your own Life!

In the morning we fine tune our day for achievements, for living the Life the we want and aim for! Read books, pass trainings and programmes that support us on our way to own development!

4. 15 to 45 minutes of physical exercise
If you have little time in the morning, 20 minutes of physical exercise is what will form your body today and tomorrow. And if we talk only about physical part, it is about:
- growth of energy
- boost of metabolism
- restoration of hormonal balance
- reduction of anxiety
- increase in concentration
- weight management
- improvement of body tone, stamina and flexibility

Lots of benefits and 15 -20 minutes only! And if you add a full session of yoga, fitness or a walk outside and "mental food", this is the real "morning breakthrough" and success of the day!

And only these 4 rituals the benefits of which are described above, will transform your life forever and will bring you closer to the Life of Your Dreams! Main thing is that each of them takes only 15 minutes!

Let's try? I am ready to guarantee that only 1 hour in the morning, and your Life will change forever!

And if we talk about my practices and rituals, here's my list of an ideal morning!

1. Wake up between 5 and 7 am. Depends on time of the year and time zone.
2. 6-phase meditation mainly in bed
3. Cleansing the tongue and rinsing the mouth with coconut oil
4. Drinking well warm water with lemon and natural apple cider vinegar
5. While I am drinking water, I write my morning pages and read books
6. Physical exercises:
- yoga up to 5 times a week, if no time - 20 minutes are compulsory
- aiming for 3 times a week of fitness with a trainer. Why with a trainer? Because I used to entrust myself to professionals, and also there is a promise and obligations which are difficult to break and stay in laziness. Sometimes I do it through "I don't want and I cannot" but knowledge and understanding why motivates well.
- up to 5 times a week 60-90 minutes morning walk, very productive time for own development (audiobooks, podcasts, courses and programmes), or clearing mind and thinking over the plans, or talks with my dear Partner.
7. 5-10 minutes of deep breathing and fine tuning for the day before the activities start.
8. Massage with dry brush, face massage, shower, brushing teeth and tongue while listening to my training programmes and podcasts.
9. Full and very nutritious breakfast with fats, proteins and carbohydrates... but not earlier than in 12-14 hours since the last meal period /dinner.
My breakfast may start with greens, berries and fruits, but 20-30 minutes after I will definitely have a full breakfast to avoid snacks next 4-5 hours. Before I had many snacks but now I aim for 4-5 hours "window" between meals.
10. Compulsory 10-15 minutes tea/coffee with Partner and "aligning our common watches".
11. First and most important tasks for the day. Depending on priorities they are always different but always important ones go first!

I didn't come to this above list straight away. The way was gradual and took few years. Sometimes through the will power, sometimes through enjoyment but always with understanding of why and what I want to have in my tomorrow.
I know for sure that if every day you systematically spend certain time for yourself and own development with clear understanding why and responsibility for your decisions you will see how much of good and useful habits will be with you in your beautiful today and tomorrow!

Of course, this is the list from my ideal morning and it is not always happening. But my usual strive for perfection and my 80-60% from my list are my obligation for myself.

If I was able to "convince" you to feel the power and miracle of own morning, start thinking about practices, habits and rituals that develop you, then I fulfilled my mission! And then in my tomorrow there will be more people who become more energetic, more healthy, more successful, more professional , more wealthy... and Live Own Dream Life!

With love, JI

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