end of the year or how to enter your new year resourcefully
by Jamilya Imankulova
December is "flying" faster than any other of 12 months and, as I wrote before, this is a trick of the universe which is not easy to understand. :-)

When I find myself in December of every passing year and go through its last days, I always ask myself: "how did it happen that we gave to the last month of the year so much power and influence to our lives?"

I think it is a kind of a trick for the life that goes in auto mode for 10-11 months a year to suddenly recall in the last month: "Oh my god, the year has passed and I couldn't, didn't achieve, didn't appreciate, didn't finish the project...". Everyone has own list. And everything that is not completed and closed during the year we are trying to finish in the last month or even days. And in addition we should not forget:
- New year gifts for family, friends and colleagues;
- year end results;
- planning for the next year and promising ourselves that the next year will be even better for us;
- finish all tasks and duties at work and community...
What else? name it :-)

And if this is how you live your December, you are exhausted. Even more, for many people Christmas and New Year preparations are additional source of stress which adds up to the chronic stress that a lot of people have.
Our brain, body, emotions will function at the edge of possible and impossible, and by the 31st of December we will be physically and emotionally drained and exhausted, with lack of energy, issues with digestion, sleep, emotions and wishing no holidays or celebrations, just... "live me alone"...

And here is what I am doing and recommend to do to finish the year with sufficient level of energy and if not without stress at all, with maximum resourcefulness.

This is my list of "antistress" and self support during the period when the world starts living with the higher speed:

1. Emotional state

During total "infectious" rush and activity choose to slow down together with the passing year instead of "running with everyone and in front of everyone". Allow yourself a slow mode, which is:
- listening to yourself, your needs, surround yourself with only important and kind;
- find quiet time to fill yourself with positive emotions;
- avoid unnecessary and unimportant, not to do and plan anything grandiose;
- practice the technique of gratitude, meditation and setup for the day, and looking at the beautiful things should help you.

2. About the body
- fall asleep before midnight, not to underestimate the "magic power" of quality sleep, especially when most of people are not sleeping;
- wake up with sunrise and get filled with prana - energy of the beginning of the day to live your day resourcefully;
- keep your set regime and not to do any radical changes in the last month of the year;
- continue with physical activity: walks, yoga, all you like. Main thing is keep moving taking care of lymphatic system;
- learn deep diaphragm breathing, and if you know it, do it with double strength;
- daily spend at least 20 minutes in a daylight (you can do it working in the office); :-)
- warming up self massage with oils.

During high level of stress and pressure, it is most necessary to take care of yourself with double energy to maintain the resourceful state.

3. Results of the year and goals for the next year:
If you already have a great habit of helping your mind to choose how to live your life, that is to write down and plan your next year on paper and to finalise what has already been achieved, then by the middle of December:
- don't do this important task in a hurry; it's better to assign some time and place to summarise and plan;
- find time to stay "with yourself and within yourself", summarise year and thank yourself for everything that made you stronger and better this year;
- if you were not able to plan before the "hot" last weeks of the year, you can always move the planning to the quiet holidays of the new year.

Your plans and goals are not to be written in the last month of the year and put a tick to this task; they are to create a roadmap for another magic year, and detailed work requires your quality time, attention and focus, and willingly in the state of minimum level of stress.

4. And, of course, the principles of anti stress eating
What should you do if your level of stress is high and your body starts signalling about the exhaustion with: poor sleep, permanent tiredness and need in stimulants, difficult to wake up in the morning, fear of cold, lowered body temperature, fear "not to be on time", anxiety, and this is only a limited list of signals that our body sends during the high stress period.

What should you start with?

- soft detox which is about the minimisation of products causing inflammation: alcohol, refined sugars, refined oils, buns, animal protein grown with antibiotics and hormones;
- add big quantity of green and seasonal vegetables, especially in winter you can be creative in cooking;
- add dark color berries and fruits that are not very sweet;
- hot vegetable and bone/meat broths;
- quality salt, and I recommend to select pink Himalayan one with high amount of minerals.

It is necessary to keep the eating regime which is:

  • do not miss your protein and fat breakfast combined with complex carbohydrates; breakfast during winter should be warm and nutritious, and to stay full for a longer period of time start your breakfast with fats like avocado, nut milk, nut paste, ghee butter with proteins of vegetable or animal origin;
  • lunch should be not earlier than in 3 hours. If your breakfast is well balanced you can easily "survive" till lunch without snacks. For lunch it is great to have your clean animal protein with vegetables (steamed, baked or boiled);
  • for dinner you can have thick vegetable stews and puree soups. If it is difficult to calm down in the evening and you still have a feeling of some excitement add complex carbohydrates like grains (buckwheat, millet, amaranth, quinoa) or wholegrain wheat pasta;
  • during stressful times we do not drink a lot of water not to overload the kidneys and dilute electrolytes. But don't forget to provide your body with well warm water.

And, finally the top list of anti stress ingredients:

- green leave products (broccoli, lettuce, kale, mangold, Brussels sprout);
- unsweetened fruits and dark clean berries (black currant, raspberry, blueberry);
- organic turkey breast, organic eggs;
- clean and wild fish (e.g. frozen mackerel will do);
- nuts: almonds, pistacchio, walnuts;
- seeds: pumpkin, sesame, hemp;
- dark chocolate;
- avocado, coconut and olive oil;
- fermented products: sauerkraut, miso paste, natural apple cider vinegar, kimchi;
- spices - a lot.

This is your compulsory list of products when it is necessary to slow down and return the feeling of harmony!

And our familiar Melissa, lavender, leaves and stems of valerian, tulsi tea (holy basil) are a well known wisdom of Nature which we have unfairly forgotten. They would be a good help!

And remember, friends, the Christmas and New Year Eve are not an exam for the best gift, title of the best Chef or the cleanest house.
- we minimise self expectations and do not try to do impossible;
- we plan the purchase of products, venue and clothes for the celebration;
- we set up priorities.

And the main thing is that we should enjoy the time spent with our family and friends, find time for ourselves, and enter another best New Year of our lives resourcefully.

With care, JI

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