"when the shoes are tight"
by Jamilya Imankulova
25 years of professional activity where my main responsibility is people and their achievements.

For many years in the role of a manager and coach I have formed a defined list of criteria people I work with or want to work with are expected to have.

What do I pay attention to?

- professional competencies,
- a compass of values,
- ability to take on responsibility and initiative to achieve the goals.
And all of these qualities are equally important for me.

But there is a quality, the most complicated but most important and defining growth and development of any professional and person in general. This quality is "to take on responsibility for the results".

When you can take that burden of responsibility for the entrusted area of work, you will for sure get all necessary skills and knowledge to complete it. Why do I know it? Because I see it every day!
The person who voluntarily (read consciously) takes on responsibility will find solution to the challenge he faces. If he does not know how to do it – he will learn or will find someone who knows how to do it. Moreover, for the one in action and in search for a solution all doors magically open! Trust me, it was experienced many times.

So what is the responsibility for the result as I understand it?

- I take on responsibility as an owner/ director of the own business
- I look for solutions and will not stop until I find them
- I make decisions
- I am guided by the feeling of importance and priority
- I do not complain that "my shoes are too tight"
- I always make extra steps and I do not wait until someone brings me necessary resources: information, knowledge, contacts…
- I believe in what I am doing
- I do not complain and do not blame others
- I do all I can
- I will definitely find and offer few solutions.

And what is irresponsibility?

- I blame others and circumstances in my failures
- I always look for and find reasons for not the best results
- I complain about issues and possible barriers
- I give up without finding a solution
- I leave the solution to find itself
- I always postpone the solution of the issue hoping that it will resolve on its own
- My "shoes are always too tight"

I suppose it is enough. Do you recognize yourself or someone you know?

Look around, look at the people you admire, your role models.
How do they behave? Do they complain about circumstances? People? Bad weather? Or they take on responsibility, do their best and overcome everything?
How do they live their own Life: career, health, relationship, wealth, and everything that is in the list of your Life?

And the main thing is: a skill to take on responsibility is about all spheres of our Life. The person cannot be responsible at work and absolutely lazy in own Life! As you can see I am talking about integrity again.

I believe that each of us has an endless potential for the growth and development. Each of us has the right for success, health and happiness given with the birth. And each of us is able to create and Live Our Life of dream!

Remember the words of Coco Chanel: "If you want to have what you never had, you will have to do what you never did".

Does it resonate with you? It does with me a lot! I am for responsibility, and I believe that the best I can do for me to "Live My Life" is to take on full responsibility for it.


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