my 5 basic principles of transformation or how to create the life of your dreams
by Jamilya Imankulova
Have I always been in the same state of energy, emotionality, physical shape and joy from living every day as I have at the moment?
Definitely not! I learnt a lot and am still learning through the experience of "trials and errors", achievements and acceptance.

You will ask: «What became your point of "no return"?»

Do you want the truth? There is no point of no return and drastic changes.
But there are always points in Life: for someone it is a serious illness, for someone it is a realisation that it is impossible to continue like this, for somebody it is...

Have you experienced the first steps of the child? The child is learning to walk, now he made a first step, then second... he fell down, got up, made more uncertain steps and suddenly (and you did not even notice that same moment) the child walked with confidence and bravery...
Why you did not notice it? Because the child did not start walking straight away, he tried to walk and fall down many times... And there is no one single moment when everything happened... It all came through "fell down, got up" experience, through experience and repetitions, but main thing is: the child never gave up!
He was scared - yes, he was careful - yes, he delayed it - yes, but again and again he came back to his wish to walk on his own!
Because first of all it is part of the nature, and then, it is much more interesting as the whole world is there that you may explore yourself!

Same is with the Life of our Dreams. It requires continuous resources, desire, efforts and persistency to be in it. To be in resource, energy, health and joy of every day. This is about "falling down" time to time, "be defeated" but get up again, move and create the Life you want to Live.

Nobody argues with it, and moreover, I can confirm on my experience that way of Change is scary by its obscurity, doubts and complexity... and unfortunately many of us stop in the beginning of our ways to own Life...

I recall the word of Sarah Anne Stewart, American holistic health practitioner: "Change is often terrifying. We associate it with stress. It frightens us because it's unfamiliar territory and we don't know what lies on the other side of it. We don't know who we will become or what will surface in the process. And because of this, we do everything in our power to resist it. This thinking, this stagnant energy, the hesitation, and unwillingness to embrace something new, then translates to our body and our relationship with food. We are often so scared - that we hold onto the unhealthy patterns within us which stops the natural flow of our body and our happiness...".

And this is not only about our food but also about our new projects and businesses, about new relationship with ourselves and people around us...

How did I start my way to Change?

⁃ First and foremost is to be honest with yourself. I learnt to ask myself the sincere questions and honestly answer them: "What do I want, and where am I now?", no matter how scary and painful it was. I always look for the starting point A to reach where I want to be.

⁃ Every day I aim for acceptance and openness for change, support, new knowledge and understanding that only new habits and attitude towards them and even transformation and /or change of my old patterns will change my Life. And all I did before and the way I used to do it will bring me again to where I am now but not to the Life I am creating.

⁃ I work on my readiness for trials and errors, and even for pain. I aim to do it from the position of love and self care without negative evaluation and blaming.

⁃ Every day I "grow" my Desire and Decision to change and be changed. I am assisted with self-Discipline, daily Actions, Sincere Wish and Vision "Why?".

⁃ I tend to surround myself with positive, smart and successful like-minded people who are my supporting environment. Be it my family members, friends, colleagues, these are definitely those who understand, accept changing me and believe in my success. And I understand that at this stage I may lose part of my environment "from the past" no matter how sad it could be...

And then that magic of "first steps" of your own Life of the Dreams happens, and you don't even notice the moment when you start living your Dream Life because you are enjoying the process of Transformation and Change of your own Life!

Thanks to own acceptance, sincere desire, intention and actions I become stronger and more honest in my own wishes. I become more confident that I follow that same way of my own Life and start making decisions that are the best for myself and my close ones and do what fills me in and makes me self-sufficient...
And as a result my mind, emotions, body and all I focus on changes.... That's how my Life is created and my Dreams are achieved.

And what helps you to create and Live Your Life?

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