Сare and Energy is 5 important for you days. This is work on basic and necessary "life principles" which if followed can drastically improve your life, "restart" your body, focus on directions necessary for you and recharge with super energy.
Care and Energy marathon is about:

  • Food and how to find your harmony with it;
  • Drinking regime and why it is so important;
  • Physical activity and why you need it;
  • Thoughts, and where our mental and emotional focus is;
  • Sleep and rest and why their quality is so critical.
expected outcome of the 5 days Care and Energy marathon:

new healthy eating habits
more quality sleep and rest
more movement and physical activity and, as a result better muscle tone
better metabolism
positive thinking and energy for the new starts in your Life
To make the marathon successful for you we will provide you with:

  • your personal 5 days planner;
  • daily live video coaching for one of the 5 subjects from J. Imankulova with advises and life hacks that are so easy to include in your busy schedule;
  • "manual" of the participants with tips on marathon, life hacks, recipes and other useful details;
  • daily mini tasks and challenges that can be done by any of us;
  • communication and support of the group.
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