Jamilya Imankulova
founder of "El Group Consulting",
co-founder of "Ecofarm" (ТМ "Ecomade"), certified coach on transformation and holistic nutrition,
author and creator of online programmes and marathons,
concept chef of FERMA Food,
mother and wife tells about herself:
For many years I have been trying to find out what is my destination, who I am I for the world, and how to introduce myself?

What do I like doing? What is interesting for me? Which subjects are mine?

And for a long time I was suffering with necessity to focus, choose one and important subject that would be interesting for me. And so many things were interesting for me!

Long time I believed that as long as I find that the most important and interesting thing, everything would become much clearer, and I would finally realise what to focus on and where to channel my energy.

And what if you are interested in many things?

It turned out (and now I know it for sure and believe in it) that it's not necessary to choose one thing. I am not talking about professional specialisation, I am talking about how to live your Life in an interesting way.

I started my professional way from teaching in universities, and even introduced a completely new subject in first Business School of Kyrgyzstan.
I worked in international organisations: started with the position of office manager in the middle of 90-s, then was a finance, contract, human resources and even marketing manager. I worked as a consultant and country representative, founded my own consulting company, and was the first head-hunter of the country.
I did the trainings and still enjoy speaking and doing master classes.

I became a co-founder of one of the best international schools, left for agriculture, became a coach on holistic nutrition and personal transformation.
To focus only on nutrition was too narrow for me, and I was interested in the subject of transformation and development, so my psychological education in Moscow State University helped me here. Besides I am in entrepreneurship for many years already.

And, of course, I am the mother of two cool girls, the wife, the friend and the partner of the great man.

So who am I?
I am still wearing different hats meeting new people. I cannot exactly define who I am, how to introduce myself. But I don't want to become one... .and this all is about our social roles, activity, skills, knowledge...

So who am I? I know for sure: as long as I become someone who could be described in one word I will get lost and simply "deflate", as there are so many interesting things in Life...
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