Live Your Life
it is all about how to enjoy living your life here and now in a harmony with your body, soul and mind
Our purpose is to help you to take a break, breath in and out, feel that beautiful and unique moment you are in, and live it the way you wish you had long time back.
Live Your Life is about active love for yourself and those around you; it is about energy, care of own wellbeing; it is about efficiency and positive thinking
your coach
Jamilya Imankulova
coach and founder of the project
The founder of "El Group Consulting", co-founder of "Ecofarm" (ТМ "Ecomade"), certified coach on transformation and holistic nutrition, author and creator of online programmes and marathons, concept chef of FERMA Food, mother and wife.

Jamilya Imankulova started with the self care and care of her family. Through the continuous education in the sphere of holistic nutrition and through own personal development she achieved a professional level.
Jamilya is so passionate about nutrition and wellbeing that she finds it impossible not to share her knowledge and skills, and everything she is doing is going through the prism of health and mindfulness.
what can you find at Live Your Life?

balanced food;

breathing practices;
physical activity;

positive state of mind;

efficiency at work and at home;
transformation of habits;

recipes of quick and healthy meals;

and much more…
depending on the way you like receiving the information, you may find the method that suits you best
for those who likes listening while driving, in the gym or doing the chores
for those who like reading with a cup of coffee or tea
for those who wants to try something new and decide if it is comfortable enough to continue
for those who made a firm decision to change and form new habits
for those who likes cooking quickly, tasty, healthy
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