EcoDetox Smoothie is 5 magic days in pleasure, self care and diversity of tastes. We are not talking about any limitations or prohibitions. We are talking about new discoveries and tastes.

Smoothie is not only about minerals, vitamins and fibre, it is also about energy, active digestion, lightness and amazing taste.
our EcoDetox Smoothie marathon is about:

  • new discoveries
  • absolutely new palette and experience
  • new skills and habits, tools for life in energy
  • challenge, going out of your comfort zone, and it means:
  • development and health, energy and feeling of happiness
expected outcome of the 5 days EcoDetox Smoothie marathon:

new healthy eating habits
vitamins, minerals, fibre that your beloved body needs so much
wonderful mood with new tastes every day
new combinations of familiar vegetables and fruits
courage to create and experiment with tastes
To make the marathon successful for you we will provide you with:

  • your personal 5 days EcoDetox Smoothie planner
  • best smoothie recipes from the series of "Quick. Tasty. Healthy."
  • live recipes of an ideal smoothie
  • tips and life hacks on healthy eating
  • list of purchases for necessary ingredients
  • access to the close Facebook group for participants because it is always easier to start new life amongst like-minded people
about results and experience, and what the participants of our previous programmes
think of them, see here
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