smoothie to "detox of heavy metals"
why heavy metals? we want it or not but we often use and get in touch with heavy metals through: aluminium kitchenware, foil, tins, cleaning items and products with unknown origin. even air... time to time it will be great to get ourselves rid of all unnecessary

- 1/2 cup of blueberry (you can also use raspberry or black currant);
- 1/2 cleaned lemon;
- 1 bunch of cilantro;
- 1 bunch of parsley;
- 1/2 green apple;
- 1 tablespoon of chia seeds (you can use less for less thick smoothie);
- 1,5 cup of spring water;
On your wish you may add 1 tablespoon of spirulina or powder of green sprouts

Blend all ingredients together and bon appetite!
Be brave and experiment.
If you like more liquid in the smoothie - add water, if you like it more sweet - add 1 date.
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