summer soup made of baked squash and red bell pepper
delicious cream soup with "volume"
Ingredients for 4 portions:

⁃ 4 medium squash (marrows);
⁃ 2 red semi hot bell peppers (with baking spiciness is gone);
⁃ 3-4 cloves of baked garlic;
⁃ 2 table spoons of olive oil;
⁃ 6-8 leaves of fresh sage;
⁃ 4 brunches of fresh rosemary;
⁃ vegetable/chicken broth - around 500 ml;
⁃ salt, pepper to taste.

Slice squash.
Wash garlic, separate into cloves and bake with oil wrapped in foil.
Remove seeds from the bell pepper.
Add salt and pepper, olive oil and mix the vegetables well.

Put everything on the tray, on top of vegetables put sage and rosemary and bake: squash for 15 minutes, bell pepper and garlic for 25 minutes.
Put baked vegetables (excluding sage and rosemary) into the blender, add vegetable/ chicken broth, blend well and serve.
Подавать с рубленой зеленью и семечками на ваш вкус (на фото тыквенные семечки и рубленая петрушка). Можно добавить мяты, базилика или кинзы.
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