Hi friends! Today is 6th of August, 2020, remember this day!
Today is the first podcast of Live your life, where me and Jenya will tell you who we are and what our project is about.
In the first run this is the project about living our lives here and now, aiming for the harmony of soul, body and mind.
In this project we want to learn to breath in and out, feel as many great moments of our lives as possible and go through them in joy together with you.
Look at your Life. We constantly live in the regime of "fighting the fire" at work, in the family, in social life... At least that's how my life used to be before....
That is why the main goal of Live Your Life is to show that there is another way which is just live your life. This is about life when we choose which stimuli to receive from external world and/or how to react on them and live them through. We don't have a freedom to choose how the external world is going to behave, but we have a freedom to choose how to react and live our own life: from the position of self sufficiency, mindfulness and love or... same way as we always do...
That is why as the person who studies the holistic approach to nutrition (and you heard about it from me many times), I specify that food for me is not only what is in my plate but is also what we think and what emotions we have, with what we live. That is what feeds us and makes us either better or worse.
We will discuss and talk with you on different topics. We will discuss mindfulness, love/ care for ourselves and those around us, spiritual and mental self-development, efficiency, and, most definitely, we will share what keeps us healthy, energised and live in joy.
Today there are plenty of platforms where they speak about mindfulness, energy, harmony, healthy eating... and you would definitely like to know what makes us different.
Live your life is a project based on experience. We will share what we are going through ourselves, or what our invited speakers are going through. We will speak about our experience of search and lessons, discoveries, effective practices that we or our guests learnt and applied in our own lives and what helps us to live our life.
And, briefly about me:
Jamilya Imankulova, entrepreneur, speaker, coach on holistic nutrition and personal transformation... spouse, partner and mother of 2 cool girls.
And I would like to introduce you Jenya Lujkova, my business partner on Live Your Life project. Jenya is a director of the project and I will ask her few questions. ,

J.I. Jenya, let's tell our listeners about your background, about who you are and why you are here.

J.L. Hi Friends. I am happy to be with you in the beginning of this project. Talking about my background I can tell that quite a few years I spent in a corporate world working in HR at Hyatt and Planhotel. I used to work abroad: after Kyrgyzstan I worked in Tajikistan, Maldives and Tanzania. I lived in Sri Lanka for some time. So I could see and explore different cultures.
There was a moment when I decided to revise what I am doing, and I understood that my work does not satisfy me any more to the extent I would like it to. That is I had no more feeling of excitement, engagement, will to achieve something or develop. So I left the career in HR and hospitality industry, took a small break and now I am in this project with Jamilya.

Great. Can you imagine, dear friends: being an HR specialist of a high class, work internationally, make suddenly such a shift. Tell me please what is mindfulness for you and what it means to live your life?

J.L. Well, it is related to what I mentioned: there is a moment when you stop feeling happy or motivated and everything around becomes grey and black or other undistinguished color. And you notice that the weather is bad, and world is collapsing, and people around are not the ones we'd like to see. But then you realize that in fact all of these happen not outside but inside of you. That is your vision of what is happening around you. And mindfulness for me is an ability to take a break in such moment, look around, realise that this is happening in your head, understand and feel that this moment is unique. And no matter what is going on this moment is beautiful. There are green trees, bright sun, great people, birds' singing. And there will be no second moment like this. So it is very important to learn to live every moment and feel it.

J.I. Super. You were talking now about mindfulness. Mindfulness for me is also a moment to pause, breathe in and out. But also for me mindfulness is a skill to choose the reaction you'd like to give to the world. So we have similar thinking and supplement each other here. And I would really wish, friends, that you also paused and thought what it means for you to live your life.
Jenya, I have another question: what would you want this project to give you? Imagine now is 2025. Live Your Life is a huge project that transforms the lives of millions of people. What have you learnt during these 5 years. Let's forecast.

J.L. This project is very important, and I hope that the learnings I am going to make in this project will also become the learnings of many other people who will be in the project with us. First, more mindfulness that we spoke about, more spirituality, ability to find my happiness within me, not outside. That is ability to understand what is happiness. We are going to talk a lot about this in our project, that happiness is not only physical values like house at Bahamas and so on, but happiness is gratitude, ability to give, to share. Happiness is a skill to feel the moment, live it, thank those who are around you for the fact that they are in your life. I am sure that during 5 years we will learn to find our happiness and will live more mindful, smooth and balanced life. Smooth doesn't mean that we will sit in a chair reading a newspaper. We will see the balance, feel harmony and get energy from each day we live.

J.I. Thank you. But I would like to mention here that happiness includes house at Bahamas, and it is not bad if this is one of the points of your happiness list. But I will agree with Jenya that happiness is not about searching, it is about building. This is when you build your own life, build your own happiness. Some time ago I read this wise thought. I do not remember who said it but I liked it a lot: "you are not searching for happiness, you build it yourself". That is the same with life. You are not searching for life same as your neighbour or friend has, but you build your own life which is beautiful, full of joy, beneficial for yourself and those around you. This is what our podcast, our project and our platform is about, and all this is done for you.
Jenya, I have a last question: it is perfect that you will learn many things, and in 5 years we will look back and say: so cool that we started this project at Issyk Kul, on 6th August 2020, and that was a great time. But tell me, what would you like to give and to share with people who will be with us in the project?

J.L. For many years of work in HR I got an experience that I am ready to share. HR is about psychology and self management, management of own time and opportunities as well as assistance to other people to manage their opportunities and time. This is my experience I am ready to share at the moment. Also in this project we will speak to many interesting people and will share their and our experience of building the happiness and mindfulness. This is what we will do in our project.

J.I. Cool! Thank you. Well, friends, we should say "good-bye" for today but we are waiting for you every second week for our podcasts. Meanwhile visit our website liveyourlife.pro, read, discuss, write to us and react. See you!
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