In our Live Your Life space we have a new heading of Business Mindstream. Here we invite bright and interesting personalities from corporate and business world who can be anywhere geographically but who share our common values.

Our first guest is Ainura Koshoeva, our friend and colleague from my and Jenya's HR past.

Bright, charismatic and deep. Beautiful woman, mother of 3 sons, spouse, and... one of the Top Managers of ForteBank in Kazakhstan.

We had an open and deep conversation about Ainura's "live own life", and here are just few of her basic but fundamental principles of Life in energy, in achievements and in joy from living her life:

- it is important to stop from time to time and look back to understand "where I am now";

- to understand where is your foothold to map the road to the next goal;

- prior to reacting to the external stimulus you always have a choice to pause, and then only react not to harm yourself and those around you;

- any of your transformations come through realisation and, sometimes, pain;

- any transformation starts from yourself not from others;

- Wellbeing is about quality diversity of Life, and it is a basis for any professional effectiveness and efficiency.

We have also found out where this beautiful and charismatic Woman draws her wisdom and strength, what means family for Ainura, and who is her first role model.

And the question which is scary for many: "why?" is a valuable source of understanding and realisation of own actions for Ainura.

And the main life principle of Ainura is "Share without expecting anything in return...". This exactly sounds our way.

I am certain you would like to find out (same as I did) how everything listed above (and even more!) can present in one Life of self-sufficient, whole and successful woman.

Then you need to listen to the podcast Live Your Life.

And I wish you, my friends, to feel same joy and positive emotions I got from conversation with Ainura Koshoeva.
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