Yoga is not all about asanas and standing on your head, and you would definitely like to know what it is for and what is its purpose?

Then you are in a right place. Our next podcast is with yoga instructor, wise and bright person - Volodya Dobrynin.

In this podcast you will learn that:

- you need to visit few yoga instructors before you can find an instructor you "resonate" with;

- if you have a "demon" inside you (your thoughts and emotions) that is harming your health and drains your energy, no intensive practice will help you to resolve your problems until you get rid of your "demon";

- yoga is few millennia old and during this time everything unnecessary in it has "peeled off". It make yoga harmonized, integral, aimed to support the health and balance of body, soul and mind;

- mindfulness is an ability to look at yourself and the situation from outside. Mindfulness is not a self-purpose, it is only a tool to achieve more serious and important goals.

and much more...
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