our podcasts are the interviews with interesting people, professionals in the sphere of nutrition, physical activity, psychology and other areas. these are people who are successful not only in their business but in personal life and self care.

you can tell us what themes would be interesting for you by sending us a message in Instagram or Facebook, and we will be glad to discuss this matter in one of our podcasts.
Our podcasts
Our podcasts are available at Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Anchor FM, Castbox, Pocket Casts, Breaker, Radio Public. You can also listen to the new episodes here.

At the moment the podcast is in Russian only however you can read script of the podcast in English below.

Personal growth with Psychologist Elmira Alieva
In the new Series of "Personal Growth: #psychology" we talk with the Psychologist Elmira Alieva about important questions that concern many people: what is unconditional love to self; how to start loving yourself and why you need to do it; why pampering yourself is not a sign of love to self and much more.

"Place of Power" with Vladimir Dobrynin
Our guest in the Series of the "Place of Power" is Vladimir Dobrynin, yoga instructor, coach, wise man who changes people's lives.

In the "Place of Power" Series we will speak with professionals whose work and life are focused on carrying mindfulness, wisdom and integrity to all they meet.

Business Mindstream. Episode 1
Our first guest in this Series is Ainura Koshoeva, Executive Director of Human Resources of ForteBank in Kazakhstan, beautiful and wise woman, spouse and mother of 3 sons.

In the Series of Business Mindstream we will introduce you the interesting people whose stories and experience might become a roadmap to balance, mindfulness and integrity.

Nice to meet you! Live Your Life
Today is our first podcast Live Your Life where we will share who we are and what our project is about.

In the first run this is the project about living our life here and now, aiming for the harmony of body, soul and mind.

With this project we want to learn to breath in and out and feel as many great moments in our lives as possible and go through them in joy together with you.
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