let's start a new better and healthy year with live your life
All our LYL Programmes are aimed to form healthy and functional habits in our lifestyle, self care, emotional harmony, aligning our thoughts and food to live our Life with joy. Because we believe that everything in our Life is interrelated and interdependent. There is no healthy body without healthy emotions and thoughts; there is no optimal health without ecological care of self and own life.

Winter is a complicated period for our body and mind: days are shorter, less sun, cold, dryness, high air pollution, lack of fresh vegetables and fruits... But that's not the reason to be stressed out and desperately wait for the spring to come. Our programme will teach you how to fill your body with energy and mind with positive thoughts and joy; how to enjoy winter even during the greyest and coldest days.
cleaning your bowels of all unnecessary
shining and healthy look to your skin
relaunch of your digestive system and fine tuning it for optimal work
a habit of self care and many other useful habits
healthy relationship with food that brings energy and great state of health
cooking quickly, tasty, healthy for yourself and your family
if you have any of below:

  • drowsiness or sleep disorder
  • chronic fatigue and lack of energy
  • overweight
  • dull skin and rashes
  • digestion issues
  • periodic and frequent cold and flu…

We are waiting for you at our Programme «New Year Re-launch» by LYL!

You will have:
⁃ 7 days of work on yourself with our daily recommendations, home work and feedback in Telegram; ,
⁃ a menu of holistic and seasonal nutrition for you and your family + 7 days menu for the soft exit from the Programme of New Year Re-launch;
⁃ a knowledge on soft detox days for the benefit of your body, and most important have the right exit;
⁃ get and reinforce 7 useful habits which you will take to your daily life;
⁃ tune and charge with the motivation for the healthy life style;
⁃ join the group of LYL like minded in Telegram where we will continue what we started.
programme outcome

you will forget many unpleasant consequences of the new year sweets and tasty things;

you will learn to quickly enter the state of resourcefulness;

you will learn to cook #quicklytastyhealthy from seasonal products
that will become regular for you and your family;

you will clearly understand what brings you health and lightness and what prevents it;

you will learn to value and love yourself and share love with your close ones
components of our programme «the best version of me» by LYL
Detailed programme instruction
Recipe book
Daily meals plan
List of purchases
Support of the Coach
Closed group of like-minded people in Telegram
Daily support from other participants and Programme supervisors
Cost of the 14-days programme in the group with the Coach is
6000 som
if you pay before January 9, 2021 г. the cost will be only 3500 som

Independent package with detailed handbook, meals plan and recipe book is 2000 som

Start of the Programme: January 15, 2021 г.

Feedback of the participants of our autumn Programme
4 weeks marathon has finished but not for me as the recipe book of the programme, all the life hacks, breathing techniques and much more stays with me.
These weeks flew fast with the background of social explosions happening in my beloved country, and unstable situation disturbs a lot. However I was able to systematize something in my head, learn a lot of interesting nuances in cooking, selection and processing of products. Now I know for sure that healthy food is not boring, as what we cooked with @iman_jam was a firework of tastes, extremely delicious and not boring at all: minestrone, hummus, miso, gluten free bread and sugarless sweets, these are all I like.
Out of new habits: water with lemon is a must have, no more milk, herbal teas, breathing techniques and physical activity, and the most important skill to ask myself if I really want it. Mindfulness is our choice. All we have in our lives is a result of our decisions and our choice. Always!
Thank you @iman_jam and @liveyourlife_kg for your support on the way to #thebestversionofself

participant of the programme "The Best Version of Self from LYL", autumn 2020
I always wanted to change my usual way of life for MORE INTERESTING, DIVERSE AND FULL OF EVENTS LIFE.
I wanted to eat more healthy food but I could not make it until I met YOU, @iman_jam!!!
I would like to say thank you to you and your team for everything you do for us: for your efforts, information, life hacks, VERY HEALTHY recipes.
It is all EASY and SIMPLE!
My fridge started a new life. Greens and precooked ingredients look amazing!
Now I use only olive and coconut oil for cooking and drink herbal teas!
Early wake up, hot water and walking grant energy and lightness for the whole day!!!
Thank you for the 10-15 minutes of yoga classes, meditation and face massage.
Me and my husband have lost 1,5-2,0 kg during the programme!!! Our attitude to ourselves and each other has changed! We feel much happier!
He is very happy that I am with you!
And I thank the Universe for joining you, "Live your Life".
Now we are on the right track !

participant of the programme "The Best Version of Self from LYL", autumn 2020
I want to thank live your life for a great marathon.
Thank you, Jamilya that you openly share your knowledge, experience and healthy tasty things. You are a role model of healthy eating and lifestyle, and, of course, healthy mindset.
The goal for the marathon was to learn more about health and healthy habits.
It is a pity that I had to go through other training at the same time and could not participate 100%. However these 4 weeks helped me immensely to:
- start drinking alkagizer again in the mornings,
- stop eating sweets at least for 2 weeks,
- reduce my weight by 2 kg,
- understand that to cook healthy food is not difficult and even interesting (only your wish matters),
- feel a desire to continue same way,
- include physical activity,
- go to bed before 23:00.
Thank you for spreading health and positive thinking. This is very important nowadays.

participant of the programme "The Best Version of Self from LYL", autumn 2020
In the beginning of the programme the most difficult was refusing mentallyfrom very simple habits: morning coffee, croissant, wine, starting exercises.
Most of all I liked the state when I woke up in the morning earlier than alarm would ring and use this time to do yoga.
I definitely had positive sensations in the body and head as a result of the nutrition program we ah during 2nd and 3rd weeks of the programme. I didn't feel myself for many years the way I felt these days. I took to my everyday life the use of spices, vegetables, smoothie, and slowly but surely introduce the same into the menu of my family. We exclude dairy, unhealthy (chips, semi-finished products, sweets).
Food – I understood what to eat and how to cook to eat healthy. But I couldn't get it all together and start using in my life.
I am happy that I participated in the programme and I will continue using all I learnt in my daily life.
I will be a part of your future programmes. Thank you everyone who developed the programme and wish you all the best!

participant of the programme "The Best Version of Self from LYL", autumn 2020
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